Cooper Gill

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Cooper Gill

Cooper has just completed his PGA associate course, this involved 3 years of golf specific study, a playing unit where you are required to perform at a high level and has been working in the industry for five years.

Cooper has trained under some of Australia's leading coaches in state development teams, his coaching philosophy is based on good fundamental basics such as, good posture and set up, grip, alignment and swing plane. Throughout his golfing career Cooper has always had a passion for learning and developing his skills. He has a level 1 in Trackman training, and loves using technology to get the best out of people’s game.

Cooper is a member of the Metropolitan Golf club and has experienced playing pennant in both men’s and colts’ teams and has been successful in winning a pennant flag.


30 mins:
$ 75
60 mins:
$ 140
Jr 30 mins:
$ 60
Jr 60 mins:
$ 120